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The 7 OVERLOOKED Root Causes In Pain

By: Beth O'Hara

If you have chronic pain, changes are you also have Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. In fact, between 9 and 17% of all people have this condition. And over 50% of people with chronic health issues have it.

This report will help you discover your own unique pain triggers. Knowing your underlying Pain Root Causes is the first step in healing and reducing your pain levels.

Retail value of $35.00

Magnetic Field Therapy For Pain

By: Dr. William Pawluk

While pain affects millions of Americans every year - 1 in 4 at any given time, options for safe, effective pain management are lacking in general. This leaves those suffering from acute, chronic, and recurrent pain relying mostly on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), which increase risk of potentially fatal gastric lesions, and narcotics, which pose risk of drug dependency.

Magnetic fields that are dynamic or pulsed, created by specifically designed electronic equipment, are called pulsed or frequency electromagnetic fields, or PEMFs for short. PEMFs have been used for pain management and treatment of many other health conditions in Eastern Europe for decades.

This e-Book will help you learn and understand the many benefits of Magnetic Field Therapy.

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Simple Self Care For Autoimmunity

By: Dr. Tiffany Caplan

Stress is one common trigger of autoimmune flare-ups, therefore integrating consistent self-care practices and techniques into everyday life that work for you is essential to achieving and maintaining remission!

This guide provides 8 simple and effective ways to practice self-care you can start today!

Retail value of $49.00

The Ultimate Gut Repair Resource Pack

By: Jason Prall

Get The Resources And Guidance To Restore Proper Gut Balance and Function

Package Includes:
Interview Transcript from Kiran Krishnan
Interview Transcript from Dr. Grace Liu
Episode 3 Transcript: The Gut & Immune System: How Microbes Keep You Free Of Disease
Total Gut Restoration Webinar Access
PLUS: The 5 Gut Healing Foods Printable Reference Sheet

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Sleep Away Your Pain

By:  Suzie Senk

The #1 thing you can do to Thrive is get good sleep!

Chronic pain is a killer for sleep. And sleep is THE way that your body actually heals itself so you need to sleep to heal.

Retail value is Priceless

The Magic Of Hemp Oil For Your Health And Well Being E-Guide

By:  Dr. Hyla Cass

Confused about CBD? Dr. Cass eBook "THE MAGIC OF CBD HEMP OIL for YOUR HEALTH AND WELL BEING" answers many of your questions about CBD/hemp oil extract, and more. This guide also provides case examples and scientific evidence for CBD's benefits, as well as how to use CBD and what to look for when you buy CBD products.

Retail value of $25.00

Integrative Medicine for Depression

By:  James Greenblatt, MD

In the newly updated edition of Integrative Medicine for Depression, mental health expert Dr. James M. Greenblatt emphasizes the treatment of depression using an integrative regimen that first seeks to understand the whole person.

Enjoy a free excerpt from Dr. James Greenblatt's book, Integrative Medicine for Depression.

Retail value of $50.00

Stress Less Course

By:  Sue Ingebretson

If you ignore STRESS … it DOESN’T go away! Would you like to stress less and relax more to invite whole-body healing? I'd like to introduce my popular course, Stress Less: How to Feel More Zen Than Zombie!

Because you've attended this summit, you can now enjoy the first three modules of this course for free! You’ll discover everything you need to know about how stress happens as well as surveys to assess your personal health risks.

Retail value of $97.00

A Journey Into Your Body Healing Meditation

By:  Phaedra Antioco

Phaedra Antioco’s Journey Inside Your Body meditation will help you to go on an inner journey of self reflection, so you can release and heal. 

Find yourself a nice quiet place to listen...relax and enjoy!

Retail value is Priceless

Youthful Aging and Transmute and Release Trauma

By:  Dr. Robyn Benson

Enjoy 2 FREE GIFTS from Dr. Robyn Benson:

1) “Transmute and Release Trauma” eBook, from Join the Self-Care Revolution
2) eGuide on “Youthful Aging” using A.R.T. — Amplified Regenerative Therapies — based on the Science of Regenerative Medicine.

Youthful Aging is a Choice! Learn how to live a regenerative lifestyle and leave degeneration behind! Live Amplified, Youth Restored, Joints Regenerated, Hormonal & Sexual Health Revived!

Retail value: $50

Diagnosing and Treating Pain in Children (and Adults too!)

By:  Dr. Marny Turvill

Dr. Marny's guide to determining the root cause of pain in children of all ages (including adults), what can be done to effectively treat the root cause, and safe pain relief options.

No one should suffer from pain! Use this guide as a reference to empower yourself to eliminate pain and restore health.

Retail value: $25

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From These Amazing Pain Solution Experts

Elderly Need Different Pain Solutions

Pain problems in older people is much more common, harder and more complicated to manage. Learn more about helping older people with their pain issues as a caregiver.

Dealing With "It's All In The Head"

All pain is perceived in the brain. When pain is chronic it begins to create chronic changes in the way the brain reacts to the pain. Learn about this phenomenon called centralization, how it affects the brain and how to deal with it.

What's Working Now

Discover the many new approaches to healing chronic pain including: PRP, stem cell therapy, prolotherapy, photo-biomodulation, neuromodulation and transcranial magnetic stimulation. Find out how they can help you, how much they cost and how effective they are. 

Creating Well Being In Chronic Pain

It's common and easy to feel like a burden to others when you're in pain. Even previously healthy and independent people may need to lean on others for help and support when they are afflicted with chronic pain conditions. Learn strategies to deal with these feelings and find ways of developing more independence. 

When Acupuncture Is Your Best Option

Some approaches to dealing with chronic pain are ancient. They are still used today because they have been successful. Acupuncture is one of these traditions. Learn how acupuncture can help with chronic pain.

Tap Into A Bottomless Well Of Energy

Physical and emotional exhaustion are a common cause of any chronic pain. It isn't your fault. Learn amazingly simple and useful techniques to recover your energy.

Stop Headaches & Migraines That Can Shut You Down For Days

Headaches, including migraines, can shut you down for days or make you feel like someone is driving a spike into your head. Discover the strategies to prevent them from getting really bad and which medical/alternative approaches can deal with severe headaches.

Using Pulsed Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy For Chronic Pain

One of the most effective technology solutions for helping heal the cause of pain is pulsed electro-magnetic field (PEMF) therapy. PEMF device therapy has actually been available for over 50 years in Europe. Learn what PEMF device therapy is and how safe and successful it can be for helping and healing your pain.

Creating Well Being in Chronic Pain

It's common and easy to feel like a burden to others when you're in pain. Even previously healthy and independent people may need to lean on others for help and support when they are afflicted with chronic pain conditions. Learn strategies to deal with these feelings and find ways of developing more independence. 

How To Get Better Sleep Without Using Medication

The most common sleep medications have been proven to increase your risk of dementia. Discover easy ways to get a deeper, more restful and longer sleep without risking your mind or your health.

Breaking The Chains Of Depression, Guilt And Shame

Depression, guilt and shame are heavy millstones around the necks of people in chronic pain. They drag you down and make life with pain even more miserable. Find out how to identify when this starts to happen to you and how to throw off these chains.

Getting Out Of Autoimmune Pain Hell

Autoimmune disease is a common cause of chronic pain. it can affect the whole body. Managing pain in autoimmune disease requires a multi-pronged approach. Learn how to help your autoimmune disease and reduce or eliminate your pain.

Making Miracles In Your Life 

Miracles don't just happen. They can also be created by anyone, if they so choose or expect. Learn how to create miracles in your own life, despite your chronic pain.

Mast Cell Activation As A Cause Of Your Pain And Other Problems

An overactive immune system can cause a bigger burden on the body than the help it is supposed to give. Mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) and Ehlers-Danlos (EDS) are recently recognized health problems that involve excessive release by immune cells of specific molecules that can cause new problems. Learn how to recognize if you have these conditions and what to do about them. 

Regain Your Sexual Desire, Pleasure And Performance

Loss of sexual desire, pleasure and performance are common victims of chronic pain. Learn what strategies can improve these problems.

Does God Really Hate You?

Feeling that the problems causing your pain is a punishment from God or that God has abandoned you because the pain is not being relieved, is very common. Learn why bad things happen to good people and how to recover your sense of spiritual connection.

5 Financial Survival Strategies To Keep You Out Of Bankruptcy

Dealing with pain can be a big financial drain. Learn simple and easy techniques to do financial planning and budgeting for your medical expenses, any loss of income and eliminate the risks of bankruptcy.

Stories of Healing With Magnetic Devices

Small, wearable magnetic therapy devices actually help many people.

Mood, Pain And The Magic Of CBD 

Learn how a holistic psychiatrist helps mood, pain and its attendant stress by balancing brain chemistry using specific nutrients, then how to add in CBD for maximum effect. Using case examples. Dr. Cass explains what CBD/hemp oil extract is, how it works, and how to use it.

Value And Use of Opioids And CBD/Cannabis For Pain Management 

While opioid use is potentially hazardous, it is appropriate at certain times. Increasing availability of medical marijuana and hemp CBD gift people new options to help their pain. Learn about the appropriate use of opioids and how cannabis/CBD can be used to decrease the risks of opioids.

Releasing Past Trauma To Be Released From The Prison Of Chronic Pain

Past personal trauma can produce persistent physical and emotional effects in the body that contribute to or aggravate chronic pain. Learn strategies to identify whether the effects of these traumas are present and how to release them to live a fuller life with no or less pain

Gut Pain Connection

The new science of the gut microbiome is revealing how imbalances among the trillions of normal gut microorganisms (bacteria and yeasts) affect the health of the body including pain. Learn how this balance can be tested for and how probiotics and enzymes can rebalance and help heal the body.

EMFs And The Pain Connection

What can you do to protect yourself from Environmental Magnetic Fields (EMFs) - especially 5G? 

Longevity Strategies And Chronic Pain

There are places around the planet where people routinely live to 100. What are their secrets and how can you incorporate their secrets into your lifestyle to help you not only avoid painful conditions but also do with them better if you have them?
Visit Expert's Website

Using Chiropractic To Deal with Chronic Pain

Chiropractic is often shunned by conventional medical doctors because they don't really understand it. It can be very effective and like most other healing modalities has its limitations too. Learn what chiropractic is and the different types of causes of pain that can be helped most successfully by it. 
Expert's Website

Standing Up To Pain - The Back And Pain Connection

Spinal pain is very common. Find out why it happens and what to do about it.
Visit Expert's Website

Foods Can Really Hurt You!

Foods can help or hurt chronic pain. Learn what to eat and what supplements to take to help.
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Solving Chronic Pain Challenges In Kids

Kids at different ages have different causes for and deal with pain differently than adults. Learn what the best and safest pain control approaches are for kids.

Effects Of Fasting On Immunity, Inflammation And Pain

There is a growing body of knowledge about the benefits of fasting. Learn how fasting can help to not only reduce weight but also support the immune system to reduce chronic pain.

Brain Impact Of Chronic Pain In People

Since chronic pain causes significant changes in the brain, it can be very important to be able to see what the impact is. Learn how a simple, affordable, easy to use device can show you what the impact of the chronic pain is on your brain and the value and effectiveness of your treatments.

Everything You Need to Heal Your PAIN

Structured like a college-level course, we've left nothing out!

Meet Your Summit Host
Dr. Pawluk

Dr. William Pawluk, MD, is a formerly Board-Certified family physician with a practice near Baltimore, Maryland. He has had academic appointments at a number of universities, including Johns Hopkins and the University of Maryland. He has had training in acupuncture, homeopathy, hypnosis, and bodywork and is considered the foremost authority on the use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy in North America.

My colleagues accepted these side effects as a natural consequence of managing pain. This seemed like insanity to me. I thought there had to be a different, better solution, and it had to come from outside the “house of medicine.” 

At that point in my career, I was an academic family physician and was managing a multispecialty medical group of 30 practitioners. Stepping outside the traditional “house of medicine” was not a simple or easy decision. I was risking the ridicule, censure and quizzical looks of my peers. How dare I say that conventionally-accepted medical practice was not good enough? After all, no self-respecting medical doctor would use any tools that did not require medical license to use, prescribe or recommend.

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